1989 State Route 130, Jeannette, PA 15644

(724) 527-9815

Our History & Tradition

Kistler's Golf was founded in 1959 by Karl and Anne Kistler as the result of a nationwide golf boom that produced more and more people wanting to experience the joys of the sport.

On farmland owned and cultivated by two previous generations of Kistlers, they built a golf range and then an adjacent par-3 golf course that quickly met the needs of many area residents.

Karl Kistler's motivation was to provide a wholesome, reasonably-priced family-oriented venue for all of his customers. That same driving force is still evident today with the operation of a dynamic, adventure style mini-course built by his two surviving sons in the mid-1990's.

Families, couples and groups, parents and grandparents with children, or just aspiring golfers wanting to improve their game have all come to Kistler's Golf for fun and enjoyment for over 50 years.

Community Involvements

 Kistler's Golf is proud to participate in charitable efforts and other worthy endeavours that benefit the community.

Here's how we've helped others over the years:

  • Donation of hundreds of passes for fund-raising purposes
  • Sponsoring participation in local events
  • Offering golf scholarships to worthy high school students
  • Promoting special BO/GO coupon sales on behalf of area causes
  • Wounded Warrior Donations totaling nearly $5,000 to date
  • Encouraging a more fulfilling approach to life by providing fun and recreation through golf and nature for all people to enjoy

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